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While there are many different models of coaching, here we are not considering the ‘coach as an expert’ but, instead, the coach as a facilitator of learning.

There is a huge difference between teaching someone and helping them to learn. In coaching, fundamentally, the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance: in other words, helping them to learn.

Good coaches believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems but understands that they may need help to find the answer.

"Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them"

John Whitmore, in Coaching for Performance.

Gallwey’s book, The Inner Game of Tennis, revolutionised thinking about coaching. He suggested that the biggest obstacles to success and achieving potential were internal, not external. His insight was that coaches could help individuals to improve their game by distracting them from their inner dialogue and, in particular, the critical voice that said "Not like that! Concentrate on your hands! Angle it differently!".

Gallwey’s real insight was that this didn’t just apply to tennis, but that individuals generally did have the answers to their own problems within themselves.

The essential part of coaching, then, is to help people to learn to silence that inner voice and allow their instincts, or their subconscious, to take over. Sometimes that means distracting it, and sometimes it’s about exploring the ‘worst case scenario’ and removing the fear.

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One useful model for learning is the Competence Cycle, a four-stage model that can help you identify your competences.

Coaches need to identify the stage at which an individual is at to use the right sort of language to help them move to the next stage. After all, it’s difficult to try to improve a skill if you don’t know that you lack it.

Individual Coaching


  • 1 coaching session (2hours) per month

  • 1 emergency coaching session (1hour) per month

  • I will provide help for whatever project you are working on

  • I will provide insight and advice about your business enquiries

  • We will design a step by step process to help you achieve your goals


What can you help me with?

Anything that you need help with that is business related. Together, we can structure an action plan fit for your objectives

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