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Hi there, my name is Tam Young, and I’m originally from Wales, UK.


I’m a native English speaker who has been teaching in Japan for over 14 years now. I currently run a language school in Nagoya and teach university students, companies, and individuals how to give presentations in English.

I am passionate about Japan and wish to stay here for many years to come.

Here is a bit about my story:


I was born in the middle of nowhere in a place called Pembrokeshire in South West Wales.


There, I went to an elementary school called Nant Y Cwm Steiner education. Back then, the school wasn't known but there are currently 27 of these in the UK and Ireland!

Later on, I attended Kiquanity House boarding School in Scotland which was a free school. There were many Japanese students attending my junior high school and high school, and this is where my interest for Japan began.

After studying agriculture, commercial horticulture and environmental management at the university of Glamorgan, I went to the South of England to take a position as an assistant farm manager at Waltham Place Farm (owned by DeBeers). After three years of working there I set my own business of landscape construction and design. 


Upon turning 27 years old, I decided to make a big change in my life and go and seek adventure in Japan. And I’ve loved it ever since! I now live in Aichi prefecture. In 2012, I started this fantastic business called Leafy Learn because you Live and Learn.

My Experience

  • Lecturer of PP (Poster Presentation) at NGK.

  • Preparation for SXSW presentation lecturer at Nagoya University.

  • Lecturer of presentation for university lecturers and educators at Nagoya City University.


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